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Diagnostics and Informationfield

A Brief description of how the Method works and how you can get the best results out of it.

How it Works

Every living being and system surrounds an energy and information field. Both physical vibrations and subtle vibrations and information are stored in our field. Often there are events, imbalances and disharmonies that exist somewhere between body, mind and soul. Through a quantum-entangled analysis using modern radionic technology, it is possible to analyze and treat the client according exactly the needs.

The technology used, offers an innovative way to measure vibration patterns on an energetic and informational level. By using noise sources and a light quantum resonator that works directly at the level of quantum entanglement, vibrational patterns can be recorded and compared and interpreted with information already available in the extensive database library.

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The analysis of vibrational patterns is an important part of the harmonization and alignment of body, mind and soul.


A method that has proven itself in this area is the use of regular vibration impulses. These impulses are sent using a special device and can be applied to both a person and an object (e.g. a living space).The treatment of animals also plays an important role in my practice.

The result of the vibration analysis is used to create the necessary compensating vibration patterns. These patterns are regularly sent to the client or the object in order to bring about a positive change and also to consolidate it in the long term. The recommended duration of treatment is 3 - 16 weeks, depending on the topic and effort.

The method of vibration pattern adjustment and harmonization through regular vibration impulses is an effective and sustainable method to improve the alignment of body, mind and soul. However, it requires regular use and patience to get the desired results.

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An important part of this method is vibrational resonance. By analyzing the patient's information field, the corresponding healing vibrations can be determined. These vibrations are then transferred to the patient's information field to create new positive encodings and harmonizations.

This method works according to the homeopathic principle. By choosing the right vibrations and applying them correctly, support for a positive change in the patient's body can be achieved. This can be effective in both acute and chronic conditions.

Overall, the analysis of the information field is an innovative and effective method and offers support in researching the causes of diseases and taking targeted action against them. Ideally, the use of vibrational resonance can generate new positive coding and harmonization in the patient's body and mind.

It is important to understand that neither the therapist nor the technology used heals the client. A possible healing always happens only through the receiver himself. The responsibility always and unconditionally remains with the client. 

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By supporting various modules, the area of application is significantly expanded and the support for the client is improved again.  Due to the availability of a database of over half a million entries including their vibration, the therapeutic area of application can be expanded almost infinitely . In addition to the extensive database, the following modules are available. 

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application areas

In which areas can this methid be used?

A consultation through Bioenergetic Diagnostics makes it possible to analyze the energy field of a person, an animal or a place, to find the origin of disturbances and then to balance them out. With its immense diversity, diagnostics can support the realization of wishes and the achievement of goals.

Basically, Radionic Analysis and Radionic Balancing are applicable to anything.

In addition to the field of health, radionics can be used in the following areas, for example:

  • How can I pay?
    You can conveniently pay online before the appointment with a credit card or Paypal. TWINT and cash payment is also possible.
  • Can I declare the massage to the health insurance company?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible.
  • What is Lomi Lomi?
    The Lomi-Lomi ritual comes from Hawaii and is one of the oldest forms of massage and therapy in the world. The ceremony connects body, soul and spirit and creates space for something new.
  • Where does the massage take place?
    The massage takes place at your home.
  • Where are the massages available?
    The massages take place at your home. The Greater Canton of Zurich is served. If you have any requests or live further away, please contact me at any time.
  • What do I need to get a massage?
    You need a quiet room of about 10 square meters. If you have pets, it is an advantage if they do not disturb you during the treatment.
  • How can I best prepare for a Lomi-Lomi massage?
    A Lomi-Lomi massage lasts one to two (or more) hours, depending on the offer. You are best prepared if the massage does not have to be interrupted and you feel completely comfortable.
  • I have an injury, can I still receive a massage?
    If you should be injured, please contact me in advance so that we can clarify exactly whether a massage is possible. The massage can provide wonderful support for muscular tension.
  • What is massaged?
    The back of the body, the front of the body, the feet, the head, the face and the hands are massaged. The hair becomes oily during a Lomi-Lomi massage.
  • What happens after the massage?
    No massage is ever the same. Lomi-Lomi is a Hawaiian temple ritual that works exactly where it should. Most Lomi-Lomi massages are relaxing, so I would recommend allowing time to relax and unwind afterwards. A Lomi-Lomi massage is gentle and sometimes it can take days or even a week or two to see the full effects of a Lomi-Lomi massage.
  • health status
    If you are not healthy or have health problems such as illnesses, colds, fever, flu, etc., a massage is not appropriate. In this case we can postpone the massage to another date. Please contact me at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  • What is massaged with?
    I use an organic coconut oil that is almost odorless. Essential oils are also used in the "Lomi-Lomi Adventure" offer

The procedure

By means of various analyses, which are structured based on dates of birth and coordinates, applied characteristics, abilities and potentials can be read. So we already have knowledge like a large part  your individuality. A large part of the transformation offers deconditioning, i.e. the release of conditioning that prevents you from living your individuality. If necessary, Theta Healing and EFT methods interact together with the knowledge and awareness of yourself. 

The first sessions are there to get a first overview of your individual configuration, your type. After that we will look at your configuration of the type and in the further step we will look at how you make decisions. You will already begin to reflect on how your type interacts and begin to analyze your interactions using short, written statements. 

Thus you lay the first stone for a new consciousness about yourself.  After that we look at where you get conditioned. We are all conditioned, the question is do we notice, believe and store things that are not good for us. If we do this, why are we doing this, what lies beneath. 

Your mind will reject many things at first, refuse service and defy. That often happens. Already installed programs want to keep themselves. It may take a while to understand that these are just conditionings controlling us. 

Disclaimer: Science does not recognize the existence of the information field, the analysis and harmonization with it and its other meaning, since there is no scientific evidence. Individualized microcurrent frequency (IMF) and frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) programs are not recognized by conventional medicine because there is a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. Use of any product, program or information offered on this website is at the client's own risk and discretion. The provider, user and manufacturer expressly disclaim responsibility for decisions made by clients through the use of the listed products or services.

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