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Lomi Lomi - more about it .. 

Fragrant, warm oil, Hawaiian rhythms and grips that flow through the body like gentle waves - the Lomi-Lomi massage is exotic. It's easy to leave everyday life behind. 

More than just a massage

Lomi-Lomi is more than just a massage. The traditional Hawaiian ritual has been not only a massage technique but also a healing art for centuries. 

The healing power of the Lomi-Lomi ritual sets stagnant energies, tension and body parts in motion. The old and stagnant are allowed to go to make room for the new. The moving body massage is only part of the ritual. The mental attitude
  combined with the traditional approach of the Lomi giver and the recipient's willingness to resolve and let go of old ones, brings the flow of the ritual to life. Lomi doesn't ride on old rum but says goodbye to it and focuses on the good, the new, the best possible scenario to balance the recipient.


A Lomi treatment should serve more than just relaxation, it should harmonize body, soul and spirit. Mindfulness, openness, accepting and allowing emotions are among the most important principles of this form of massage.

This is supposed to get the energy, the “mana”, flowing in the body. The whole body is treated in one application, so the massage usually lasts 90 to 120 minutes. The massager uses his hands, forearms up to the elbows, to alternately use gentle and strong massage techniques and to feel the needs of the recipient. He moves fluently.

In order to learn to be able to move so smoothly and sensitively in your own body, the so-called "Flying", in Hawaiian "Ka'aleleau", is practiced. This movement meditation is based on the flapping of the wings of the frigate bird and includes coordination, balance and perception elements.

In connection with the various massage techniques, a feeling of lightness and flow can pass from the user to the recipient. High-quality vegetable oils are used.

The Lomi massage can be performed with two or four hands. It can be introduced by a chant (Hawaiian singing) and accompanied by Hawaiian music.


In order to achieve the goal of relaxation on all levels, the environment in which the Lomi is used also plays a major role. A pleasant atmosphere is significantly supported by preheated rooms, loungers, oils and sheets.

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The resulting flow during the massage not only mobilizes stagnant parts of the body, but also gets the mind moving. The connection between mind and body can be strengthened, which can lead to a better body feeling. 

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Muscle connections are activated, tendons and ligaments are stimulated and stretched, joint mobility is promoted and the joints are gently moved. 


Through the traditional ritual, the soul can get involved. The space that is created for something new can also strengthen the life plan and strengthen one's own orientation. 

Bring along

If possible, you can  wear/take comfortable clothes. Remember that the oil from the massage leaves the skin soft and may still be slightly oily before washing with soap. If you don't have to crowd into tight business clothes, that's an advantage.  


Comfortable socks, flip flops or slippers to get off the massage table

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