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Animal balancing

We support animals in their overall health.

Like us humans, animals are equipped with an energy field, have feelings, joy, pain, sadness and many other sensations. 


Animals and humans are evolutionarily related, which is why many biological and energetic structures and processes are comparable. Just like us humans, animals have a central nervous system₂ and therefore also experience the world very consciously.


They can hear, smell, taste, feel and see and perceive the stimuli from the environment. Many animals are even better at these things than humans. Social coexistence is also very pronounced in some cases. Like us humans, animals are also equipped with an energy system and an energy field, have feelings, feel joy, pain, sadness and many other sensations. 

Animal health

With the advances in small animal medicine, the life expectancy of our pets has also increased continuously.

25 years ago, a cat lived an average of 9 years and a dog 11 years. Today, cats over 15 and dogs over 13 are no longer the exception, and pet owners sometimes have to deal with the age-related problems of their pet seniors for many years.

As with us humans, with age dogs and cats also show signs of wear and tear in the area of the musculoskeletal system and performance restrictions in the cardiovascular system and other organs, including the metabolism. Common problems associated with old age include bone and joint problems, heart failure and, in cats, a tendency towards kidney failure.

Therapy levels

Animals also have six main planes with which they go through life, like us humans. 


basic trust


Chakras, functional circuits, meridians, energy field, herd membership.


Thought patterns, dependencies, thoughts, sounds


Hormonal system, immune system, acid-base balance, mineral balance


Feelings, emotions, anger, fear, worry, herd.


Body, organs, muscles, bones

Illness, misconduct, and other disorders usually begin at one of the first three levels. If these are not recognized and resolved, they spread to the other levels over time until they become physical. The animal's system finds no regulation and can no longer deal with it other than to express itself in misbehavior or in physical complaints. 

If we neglect these levels, the treatment of all levels will become more complex and time-consuming over time, and the costs will steadily increase. 

This requires the owner who knows the animal well and can observe changes.  Animals often suffer without us noticing, or dismiss it as "crazy". However, if these behaviors become increasingly noticeable, it is advisable to take a look and analyze what is going on. 

Image by Cole Keister

What can we do for your animals?

When it comes to the health of our animals, it is important to do the right thing and take the necessary steps. First and foremost, you should rely on conventional medical treatment, as this is indispensable. However, a supplementary, naturopathic therapy can also be very beneficial and help our animals. This alternative can be useful not only for organic or physical diseases, but also for behavioral problems. It is therefore advisable not to rely on just one form of therapy, but to use all available treatment options.

Our treatments refer to domestic and stable animals. 

Here are a few topics that we can help with.


metabolic regulation


E-smog pollution

Lack of vitamins and minerals

bite wounds


cat flu

Feline Leukosis

cat disease

false pregnancy




Systemic and emotional suffering


and much more


Do not hesitate and contact us at any time if you have any questions about animal treatment.

Course of a treatment

Treatments take place exclusively via remote (zoom). You need a computer or a mobile phone on which you can use Zoom. 

We record your animal(s) with all the necessary details. For the treatment we also need a photo of the animal. It may help if we receive a hair sample from the animal.

We analyze the animal's energy field and can thus determine where to start the treatment. You do not have to be present during the analysis, we will then discuss the analysis in a second appointment and determine further therapy measures.  Depending on the topic, a treatment lasts about 3-6 weeks. As the owner, you are asked to observe your animal more closely so that we can document the changes and adjust the treatment if necessary. In these 3-6 weeks we will arrange an interim appointment for discussion.

After this first treatment, further procedures can be planned. In most cases, the acute issues are treated first and then the deeper ones, like an onion principle. Since we treat the animal holistically, including its environment, this can take some time, but it's worth it. 


Here you'll find an additional blog article on animal health and animal treatments.

Other treatment topics

Other treatment issues we can help with.

Even if your animal is already being treated by a veterinarian, we can support you with the following topics in addition to recovery. Our naturopathic treatments always have an accompanying effect and can contribute to recovery. 

  • Inflammation/ear canal

  • conjunctivitis

  • indigestion

  • Disorders of liver and kidney function

  • Skin diseases / allergies

  • Gynecological Disorders

  • consequences of injury

  • resolution of allergy symptoms

  • wound treatment

  • bladder pain

  • Acid and toxin elimination

  • acute pain

  • Harmonization after tick bite

  • head and spine

  • Weight loss programs for animals

  • Acute heart problems

  • abdomen

  • immune deficiency

  • Joie de vivre for animal and owner

  • Cold symptoms in animals

  • injury harmonization

  • Sore throat harmonization

  • Headache

  • ears

  • nose of animals

  • eye problems

  • resolution of allergy symptoms

  • Teeth

  • tick protection

Disclaimer: Science does not recognize the existence of the information field, the analysis and harmonization with it and its other meaning, since there is no scientific evidence. Individualized microcurrent frequency (IMF) and frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) programs are not recognized by conventional medicine because there is a lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine. Use of any product, program or information offered on this website is at the client's own risk and discretion. The provider, user and manufacturer expressly disclaim responsibility for decisions made by clients through the use of the listed products or services. In no way do we offer any guarantee of success through our treatments, whether for people, animals or the environment. The responsibility always and under all circumstances lies with the owner of the animals we treat. 

Important: Please note that any suspected illness or injury to your pet should be evaluated by a veterinarian. Treatment by an animal healer, alternative therapy or home remedies in no way replace medical consultation and treatment. Veterinarians are specially trained to determine a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment methods to provide your pet with the best possible medical care. Early evaluation by a veterinarian can also help ensure conditions are caught and treated before they become serious problems. Please always consult a veterinarian if necessary.

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