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Your chance in the information field.

Coaching through information field analysis.

How we support

The connections between well-being and wellness, work, family or life are stronger than we might think. Our psyche, our personal experiences and many seemingly invisible factors affect our lives and make it not always easy to analyze the causes and harmonize imbalances. 

The frequency technology analyzes these complex mechanisms in the information field and, based on user experience, shows you what you can do to harmonize hidden imbalances in the information field. 

insights at all levels

The technology used analyzes different levels in the information field, which we believe together make up the human being. Not only the connections with our existence that can be found in the information field are taken into account, but also the energetic and information levels.

The experience of the users shows that they are often closely connected and should ideally work together.


Mental-spiritual level 

Systemic level 

Psychological level 

Information level 

Energetic level 

Frequency level 

Material processes 

Energetic imbalances 

Unsere Frequenzbehandlungen und das Coaching, sowie die Produkte im Shop,  werden nicht mit dem Healy gemacht. Wir arbeiten mit anderen Modalitäten und Möglichkeiten auf diesen Ebenen.  Der Healy kann jedoch (unter unserer Anleitung) zu Therapiezwecken im Coaching als tragbare Unterstützung eingesetzt werden. 

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