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Interaction or cooperation,  giving rise to a whole that is greater
working together

Biomagnetism Pair Therapy

Back to Balance


Integrative Therapy


Getting Information


Creating Alignement

A therapy based on targeting  and getting back to balance the inflow and outflow of energy, 

stabilizing pH and energy levels by placing magnets of opposing polarity on specific points on the body, bringing it back to its normal healthy equilibrium and making it a friendly environment for energy to flow through cells, organs, systems, chakras, emotions and reactions restoring optimal health. 

This together with the body’s natural energy system helps strengthen the immune system creating the optimal environment for recovery of health, energy flow and general well-being 


It is a non invasive, holistic technique aimed to restore one's health and maintain balance.

Image by Kent Pilcher


Gathering your personal information, birthdate and lifestyle analysis we get to compose an outline of your personal Ba Gua / Triagram, most auspicious directions, and Chinese Zodiac animal. Helping you understand and integrate uplifting changes in your home and lifestyle acknowledging that 80 percent depends on how we respond to life and incorporating simple changes by knowing more of who we are can bring major shifts. 


Now it is time to incorporate it into a functioning unified whole that you are. We are a collection of different aspects of information and this information comes to us from all different sources, with a clear and unblocked body getting back to balance,  we get to work together on addressing and bringing awareness to different blockages and unbalances, its source, and help integrate them as a part of who we are.


Creating more alignment with that which you consciously value implementing these changes in your home or work space accompanied by me and my work as an interior designer and feng shui practitioner allows you to strategically influence human and environment interactions to achieve specific self - improvements. 



Initiated as an interior designer and a constant search for expansion, little did I know that interior design would truly begin from the inside of my own living home, with an ongoing journey of my deep environment taking it to the exterior and reflecting it in my spaces, lifestyle, relationships and home.


Breaking and releasing emotional and physical imbalances within allowing my true self to come to life and just be. 


Understanding where and why different emotions and blockages come from is a great tool to evolve as human beings and get to experience magic in its simplest form. 


I have come to find the deepest and easiest reason behind my every action - love - as simple and complex as it is, love in its purest form is the motor behind everyone of my actions, whether it is giving love, looking for love, feeling love; LOVE is what keeps bringing me back to focus, develop and share every experience, word and feeling in my journey. LOVE is what continues to bring me back to my center. 


Along this journey I have been met with many different options, tools and paths to take, in the end doing what most resonates with me is always what works best, your true self will crave only for that which will help you expand, trusting that which resonates. 

Hier gibt es gerade nichts zu buchen. Schaue bald wieder vorbei!


MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 18:30 SATURDAY 11:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY 12:30 - 16:30 




INFO@MYSITE.COM | TEL.123-456-7890

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