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Radiant Energetics Evolution

Discover your uniqueness.

REE is the evolution of self-knowledge, recognizing and understanding yourself and how you deal with it.

Discover your uniqueness

the evolution of knowledge,
the next step

The aim of "Radiant Energetics Evolution" is to put the theoretical knowledge of human design into practice and to break away from dogmatic views. Life and we humans are too individual to be determined by dogmatic views. The REE strives to be able to create a positive effect in everything that makes us who we are, in order to bring about a change in the existing conditioning in thinking, acting and feeling.  The "Radiant Energetics Evolution" is an energy psychological method based on the synthesis of Human Design and Quantum Human Design, as well as Theta-Healing and EFT. 

REE is the development of understanding and implementation.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What is it about

We are all born with our individual blueprints. Certain things like physical attributes and DNA configurations can be passed down to us from our ancestors. We also carry our own individual configuration that defines us within ourselves. Our energetic programming accompanies us throughout our lives. 

On our way, we continue to be constantly conditioned, so we are given something as truth that does not necessarily have to be our truth, but we believe and accept it as our truth. In this whole game, we never really get to know ourselves. We are constantly distracted by activities, should, must, zeal, goals, social systems and much more, accompanies us constantly. Society tells us how we should behave, what we should do and how we should do it, we all swim in the same social stream, whether this is our nature or not is mostly simply ignored. So we never learn to adapt our environment to our nature and our abilities, we are adapted to our environment. This is the reverse game of what nature intended for us. We are conditioned from an early age that society rules over us. "That's the way it is", "everybody does it that way", "You have to do it that way", "You have to be like that, that's how it should be" etc. etc.

On average we use 80% of our energy to endure and avoid things around us that we don't even want, 10% is neutral energy and in the end 10% of yourself is for YOU!  


Is a 10% life really what you want? I know my answer to that question. When you think about it, you know them too, but at the same time you feel the fear that comes when you think about being different from everyone else and standing out. Good job, because this fear has been drummed into you layer by layer throughout your life. 

Don't worry, nobody expects you to become a total outsider and get lonely in a cave somewhere cracking nuts with stones.


The REE is a tool that allows us - to make ourselves known. 

How do I function best in this world, how do I make choices that are consistent with my nature and consequently right for me. Strategy and authority is often quoted here, what is my strategy in life, which own and not foreign authority drives me? 

Life is about making decisions. What we will do, how and with whom and where we will do it. All of these choices add up to the sum of what makes up our lives. However, we've been taught to use our wits to make decisions whenever possible - and that doesn't always work, does it? 

We all have our individual life story and our experiences. We can't just say that's how we were born and everything else is bad. If you respect what has shaped you on your life path so far, you will be able to integrate your consciousness much more easily.

We are all born with our inner authority. Your inner authority reveals one of the most important things in life to you. It's easier to make the right decisions when you are yourself and know yourself. By experimenting with your strategy and inner authority, you begin to correctly interact with yourself and your environment, and embark on an enlightening journey of discovery.

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What can REE do for you

The REE is a system that can show your basic motivation, energy and personality in a differentiated way. It tells the story of what attributes you were born with and what is part of your plan and purpose. How do we make decisions that are for our own good and not only come about through conditioned filters. What authority do we follow so that we can live authentically. How do we interact with other people and our environment, why do we react the way we do. 

In the REE, each type has its own strategy. Your strategy aligns your life with the right geometry, eliminates resistance and offers your personality the great challenge of consciousness. The most important thing is to experiment with your strategy. 

REE helps you to use your individual strategy correctly. So your life can change too. By eliminating the power that creates stagnation and obscures who you really are, you will be better able to live your uniqueness. The aim is to be in flow with yourself and the environment and to live your life authentically as you really are, without wasting most of your energy on resistance. 

The goal is to create and expand awareness of who you really are and how to use this knowledge correctly. 

REE is work, we bring the grip on the road that YOU create. Understanding is the key, implementation is the liberation of what has kept you from living yourself. 

What REE can't do for you

REE is not a method to undo or heal old events. At best, REE can help you understand why some things happened the way they are. By creating a new awareness of yourself, you may also be able to enjoy many aha moments.

REE is not a healer. No promises of healing are made in any form or the like.

The whole thing is an experiment with no promise of success. The only influence on the consciousness is yourself, the work is done by you and only you. Because only you can control the knowledge and file it correctly. 

REE is not a fancy new "program" that promises you success. You alone are responsible for the success.

It will not support you in your victim role.

It never diagnoses. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The procedure

By means of various analyses, which are structured based on dates of birth and coordinates, applied characteristics, abilities and potentials can be read. So we already have knowledge like a large part  your individuality. A large part of the transformation offers deconditioning, i.e. the release of conditioning that prevents you from living your individuality. If necessary, Theta Healing and EFT methods interact together with the knowledge and awareness of yourself. 

The first sessions are there to get a first overview of your individual configuration, your type. After that we will look at your configuration of the type and in the further step we will look at how you make decisions. You will already begin to reflect on how your type interacts and begin to analyze your interactions using short, written statements. 

Thus you lay the first stone for a new consciousness about yourself.  After that we look at where you get conditioned. We are all conditioned, the question is do we notice, believe and store things that are not good for us. If we do this, why are we doing this, what lies beneath. 

Your mind will reject many things at first, refuse service and defy. That often happens. Already installed programs want to keep themselves. It may take a while to understand that these are just conditionings controlling us. 










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