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There is a popular claim that Nikola Tesla believed in the significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 and that these numbers were related to a "universal energy" or "vibration frequency."


According to this theory, Tesla believed that by understanding the meaning of these numbers we could unlock the mysteries of the universe and achieve unlimited energy and potential.


The following frequencies are included in this program:



“Fair weather frequency”


For physical well-being by having a positive influence on our hormonal system through emotional cleansing. On the physical level we feel centered, we are in the flow of life.


In this physical well-being phase, we open ourselves up to a meditative attitude that is comparable to a feel-good day in nature in nice weather. We are harmonious and relaxed in the here and now.



333 Hz is associated with healing, balance and harmony.


It is sometimes referred to as the “angelic frequency” (more on angelic frequencies below) and is said to help connect people with spiritual and divine energies.




This frequency is often associated with relationships, connections and communication. It is said to promote harmony in relationships, improve communication and understanding, and help individuals connect more deeply with themselves and others.




According to Tesla's beliefs, 999 Hz is associated with spiritual awakening, divine connection and transformation. It is intended to help individuals connect with their inner wisdom, achieve higher states of consciousness, and facilitate personal growth and transformation.

Healy - Tesla 3-6-9

  • This program can be used with the armwrist electrodes as well as with the Healy coil.

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