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Aura Analysis - a different perspective of the chakras and endocrine system


For many years, aura photography and the knowledge of the chakras were often dismissed as hocus pocus and quickly put in the esoteric corner. However, the fact that this system is based on old knowledge and - above all - a different way of looking at medically recognized topics becomes more and more clear the more one deals with this system.


The chakras are special energy points that have been known for a long time in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. They have a reduced resistance on the skin's surface that can even be measured physiologically.


The aura is a very fine electromagnetic field that is radiated from the skin's surface and can be made visible in certain wavelengths and intensities. In the ancient systems, the chakras are directly related to various endocrine systems, nerve centers, and specific organs. The aura, in turn, is a subtle reflection of the chakras. Based on the aura, a conclusion can be drawn about the functioning of the hormone system and nerve centers of a person.


In an aura analysis, we analyze the human information field in the frequencies of visible light and graphically depict their distribution in the human aura. An aura recording is not a photograph of the aura in the literal sense, but a pictorial representation of the colors determined in the information field.


For illustration we use the colors of the seven chakras, which are shown symmetrically around the client's photo on the left and right. The larger and stronger the individual color is shown, the stronger the energy of the respective chakra.


The representation of the aura


The result of an aura recording is displayed as bars, columns and as an aura image.


In the aura image, the colors of the seven chakras are arranged symmetrically around the client's photo. The stronger the colors and the larger the color circles, the more energy the respective chakra has. The chakras are shown in the following color scheme from top to bottom and are associated with the following glands, organs and hormones: (Figure 3)



Not only people can be analyzed


In addition to people, animals and other things can also be recorded. Among other things, the aura of a building or property can be observed and recorded during an energetic room optimization.


An aura analysis shows the current state of the energetic field.


The energy of the seven main chakras and their associated themes are analyzed.


Through the optimization and balancing, stagnant issues that are assigned to the respective chakras can flow again and the aura that arises from the chakras can function optimally again.


The optimization and balancing takes place intensively over 3 days and will continue to be transmitted to your information field for 1-4 weeks as required.


We recommend running the Aura Analysis and Optimization every month to continuously optimize the existing themes.


The aura analysis does not include a personal consultation.


After placing your order, you will receive a link to the form from us, which we use to create your treatment. You will be informed by us as soon as the treatment is carried out.


We will send the insights into your bioenergetic field over a specified period of time. If you wish, you can also book a personal consultation (+ CHF (EUR) 40.-)

Aura-Analyse and Optimize

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